Mom Talk Monday: All You Can Do Now is Wait

Right now, I’m sitting at my desk with a warm cup of coffee and my Bible. If I were to post a picture of this moment on Facebook, folks would “like” it. Maybe it would get shared on Instagram. It would look nice and peaceful. It would give the illusion of relaxation. It would also, however, be a lie. The truth is that I’m sitting here feeling overwhelmed.

I should be going downstairs and stripping the wet sheets off of my child’s bed. Why are there always wet sheets on somebody’s bed? I should be brushing the two year old’s teeth before I forget like I forgot last night. I should be tidying up before my mother shows up. Eventually, folks are going to want to eat so I should be planning some sort of meals.

Yet, here I sit with my Bible closed and my coffee growing cold feeling overwhelmed.

There are no more paychecks between now and Christmas. What has been bought is what will be bought. The turkey is in the freezer and the gifts are under the tree. It’s too late to do some things. Maybe it’s too late for you to get out of going to that party or gathering. It’s probably too late to order last minute gifts online. Possibly, you’ve waited too long and it’s too late to pick up that special item at the store. The pumpkin pies are gone from the store and you’ll have to settle for generic rolls instead of Sister Schubert’s. Christmas Ornament

At this point, there isn’t much you can do except wait. And that, my friends, is wonderful.

I challenge you to spend the next ten days waiting.



Whatever else you forgot to do, it isn’t too late to wait.

No matter what else you ran out of time to do, there is still plenty of time to wait.

No eye has seen a God besides you, who acts for those who wait for him. – Isaiah 65:4

It’s Christmas, y’all. Expect to see Christ and you will not be disappointed.

You are loved.

2 thoughts on “Mom Talk Monday: All You Can Do Now is Wait

  1. Oh girl! I just got back from picking up a gift that I’d had personalized for my youngest daughters class pastor. And. They melted a little of the inside of the bag when they put the vinyl on. And I was mid freak out. Because I don’t have time to replace it. And I stopped. And read your post. They will love it. They won’t mind the inside. They will see how much thought we put in to it. And, despite all of my anxiousness, my overwhelming need for perfection, it will be the perfect gift because of the love it will be given with.
    Thank you for blessing me with your posts. YOU are loved!


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