Wednesday Morning Confessions

toys in the floorA little re-run for the holidays. 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving!


I knew I had really loosened up when I passed a bag of Cheetos to the kids in the backseat on the drive home from Thanksgiving vacation. Cheetos, people. In the car! I grew up in an era when you did not, I repeat, did not eat in the car. In fact, we washed our cars inside and out every weekend, rain or shine. Now, you could make a meal out of the french fries and cheerios you would find in the floor of my vehicle. My apologies to my father. The funny thing is that he has loosened up, too. He recently took my car for an oil change and told the workers, “If anything falls out when you open the door, just throw it back in. It may be important.” Ha. I love that man.

Last night, I took a nice hot bath – and I didn’t even bother to remove the kids’ toys first. When did I get to the point where I could relax while ten naked Barbies (one of which does not have a head) floated around me? Maybe it was at the same point when I stopped caring if my children had matching socks. Seriously, y’all, that is a losing battle. Our church small group went to a bouncy house the other night. All of the kids took their shoes off and my three year old was wearing one blue sock and one pink sock. The pink sock? It was mine. Yeah.

Now, it’s Christmas time and all of you guys with your Elf on the Shelf antics. Mercy. I have a hard enough time planning meals. I mean, this was lunch the other day. {Feel free to pin it so you can recreate it later.} lunch

I saw this article and I am just amazed and impressed with the things people come up with. Seriously, the one with Mr. Potato Head and the elf having a snowball fight. I know one of y’all are going to do that one.

This post really has no point at all. I’m sorry if you have stuck with me this far hoping for one. I just want to encourage you to lighten up – assuming you need that encouragement. Here’s the thing. I serve good meals – pot roast and homemade bread on Sundays. I scoop out the trash if someone is going to be riding in my car.

So, those may be the things you see if you go somewhere with me or see me post a food picture on Instagram. But don’t ever think that is every day. Don’t compare your every day to someone else’s Instagram moments. It’s not a fair comparison.

If you don’t believe me, just ask one of my kids to take off their shoes. Actually, don’t do that.

6 thoughts on “Wednesday Morning Confessions

  1. I don’t get the whole Elf on the Shelf thing. I really don’t want to make more messes than I already have. I agree that having kids definitely loosens you up on how neat & clean things are. 😊

  2. I don’t get the elf on the shelf thing either. I wish someone would explain it to me.
    I loved this! You make me laugh, you made me sigh, and I’m nodding my head in agreement. 🙂

  3. I am totally with you on that one. Coming from a mother who has forgotten to perform “Tooth Fairy” duties on more than one occasion, I really can’t imagine disappointing my kids daily during Christmas because the Elf has not left the shelf!!! Too much pressure for this girl! And that lunch, I feel bad because we don’t even get the dessert to go along with that household favorite, the Totino’s pizza!

    • Oh, don’t even get me started on how bad I am at being the tooth fairy! I have borrowed change from the child’s own piggy bank before. And I still haven’t “paid” my oldest for the two teeth she lost over Thanksgiving. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas, my friend!

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