When You Feel Covered in Ordinary

starSometimes, I look around and my life seems very ordinary. I get a little disillusioned because I thought my life would be somehow bigger. I had big dreams and big plans and I was going to do big things. And, yet, I feel very small in the grand scheme of things. While I know that I am completely surrounded by blessings {Like, seriously, I have blessings hanging off of every limb.}, I also worry that I somehow missed some holy assignment God had for me. Like, maybe, I’m here washing the same dishes and folding the same laundry day in and day out and, all the while, there is some “thing” out there that I am supposed to be doing. What if God had a job for me to do but I missed it because I had to change a diaper or it was nap time or it’s Friday and, sorry God, but that is my grocery shopping day? Does God even see me here covered in ordinary?

Then, I read this verse.

There were shepherds out in the field, keeping watching over their flock by night. – Luke 2:8

Read it, again. Nothing special, right? Exactly!

The shepherds were out in a field. Well, where else would shepherds be?

The shepherds were watching over their flock. Well, what else would shepherds be doing?

They were not hanging out in the city for fear they missed out on something. They were not trying to write a motivational book, build a small business, and gather a following on social media all while watching over their sheep. Those are all fine endeavors but it is also okay, for crying out loud, for a shepherd to just be a shepherd. I’m afraid that we have turned into a society where everyone thinks they have to be something more. I’m not talking about being lazy or lacking ambition. I’m simply saying that it is okay to be content where God has you in the moment. Before we focus on bigger things, what if we were just really diligent and faithful in the things God has us doing right now?

Because, here’s the thing. God loves to reward the faithful.

And an angel of the Lord appeared to them… – Luke 2:9

There they were doing their usual, every day, nothing out of the ordinary chores and God just showed up. He showed up, y’all! Right there, in the middle of all of their ordinary, God himself made an appearance. He invaded their ordinary with some of his holy. Do you think God just happened upon these particular shepherds? Maybe all of the really popular shepherds, the ones with big platforms and followings, were already booked that night? Of course not. I think he saw shepherds being faithful shepherds and it pleased him greatly to bless them with his presence.

Maybe you are feeling a little ordinary. Possibly, this morning, you’re getting ready to go to the same 9 to 5 that you go to every day. Or, it’s carpool time again. Today is just another day of doing what you do every other day and, sometimes, you feel a little lost in the lonely. You’re a little overwhelmed by the ordinary.

If that is you, can I just remind you of one thing?

When the angel appeared to the shepherds in the field, they were just doing what shepherds do. They were in a field watching sheep. But God invaded their ordinary and made it holy.

Whatever your “ordinary” is, just be faithful to it. Be obedient to what God has called you to do. Then, don’t be surprised when he shows up in your office, dorm room, factory or laundry room and invades your ordinary with a little holy.

You are so very loved.


9 thoughts on “When You Feel Covered in Ordinary

  1. Love, love, love this. As Mom we sometimes feel we do the same things over and over again and it is so not important. However, in the grand picture it is important because God takes the unimportant moments in our life, gathers them, and in his LOVE for us makes them
    spectacular. Your thoughts and writings brighten my day. Thank you for taking time out of your bery busy ordinary day to share the spectacular that was showered on someone else because they needed to hear that God takes the ordinary and makes it holy.

  2. Thank you for this. For quite some time now, in the quest to care well for my children, I have felt expended beyond recognition into the “givens” and “granteds” of Motherhood. I would not trade my calling as a Mom; I just didn’t think I would lose myself entirely in the process. But what you have written has served to remind me that it is for God Whom I live first. When I cook dinner, vacuum and clean toilets, He sees, notices, appreciates and remembers me, even when no one else, including me, does. Thank you for the reminder, Stacy. I needed very much.

    • Connie – you are SO not alone. It is easy to get caught up in our roles as mother/wife/homemaker and begin to feel like we have lost our identity. I’m so thankful that God sees the real us – the woman behind the mommy mask. Blessings to you, today!

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  4. Mary might have felt she missed out on her Big calling too, but she faithfully cared for little Jesus until he grew, matured and found favor with God and man. You may be raising one (or more) who will outshine anything you might have done except your faithfulness!! We are near neighbors at spiritual Sundays.

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