Choosing the Blessing

I enjoy a clean home. And, because I enjoy a clean home, I am willing to put in the work required to have one. Just today, for example, I picked up toys and folded laundry. I vacuumed carpets and dusted tables. I washed sheets and lit candles. Right now, my home is tidy and it smells divine. However, I have five children. Five. Chances are that much of the work I did today will need done again tomorrow. Such is life.

Blogging through bible with GMG buttonHere’s the thing. I can choose, at any time, to not do what needs to be done. I can let the laundry go and, believe me, I sometimes do. I can pretend not to see the dried spaghetti o’s in the kitchen floor and I can ignore the toothpaste in the bathroom sink. I just have to understand, however, that there will be consequences. Choosing to forgo the work today means more work tomorrow. And, yes, sometimes that is okay. When it comes to housework, we can just double up on some days.

Our spiritual lives, however, do not work that way. Scripture does not promise blessings to the man who prays when he gets a chance. God is not grateful for any time you can throw his way. Referring to the man who is blessed, Scripture says this.

But his delight is in the law of the Lord, and on his law he meditates day and night.  – Psalm 1:2

Much like housework, we can choose to not spend time in the Word. There is no option, however, to just double up tomorrow. When we choose to forgo time with God, we are saying, “no, thank you,” to whatever blessings he had for us that day. We are choosing to not receive whatever word he may have had for us. We are choosing to ignore any instruction he may have wanted to give.

Blessed is the man whose delight is in the law of the Lord.

Blessed is the man who meditates on God’s Word day and night.

How badly do you want God’s blessing?

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