Perfect Mom? Puh-lease.

We all want to be her. The perfect mom. We each have our own version of her in our heads. There is this Proverbs 31 mom out there that seems to remain just beyond our reach.

She shall laugh at spilled milk in the floor.

She shall make her children’s clothing by hand.rain

She shall greet her husband at the door wearing lipstick and high heels.

Oh yeah, we think we know all about her. We think we want to be her or, at least, we think we should want to want to be her. Yet, we find ourselves falling short. Maybe our Proverbs passage would read a little differently.

She shall cry at spilled formula in the floor because that stuff is crazy expensive.

She shall buy her children’s clothing at the thrift store because they are just going to play in the mud anyway.

She shall greet her husband at the door wearing baby spit up and other bodily fluids. 

Here is the thing about the perfect mom. She does not exist. You and I can not be perfect. We can not prevent every boo boo and broken heart – no matter how much we would long to do so. We can not be everything to everyone. We can not be their BFF. <– Seriously, we can not do that. Those are not even things they need from us, anyway.

Don’t despair. There are things that we CAN do.

We can smile when they walk into a room.

We can look them in the eye when they speak to us.

We can listen to their dreams.

We can celebrate their victories, be present when they fail and teach them the value in both.

We can show them Jesus.

We can love their daddy.

Listen to me, fellow moms. Our children do not need perfect moms. They need best-that-they-can-be moms chasing a perfect Savior. Whatever your best is – that is what they need from you. If, for you, that is pearl wearing and baby food pureeing – then, rock on. If it’s homeschooling, public schooling, baby wearing, one baby, ten babies, whole foods, frozen foods, whatever-I-have-a-coupon-for foods – seriously, if it’s your best, hold your head high and carry on.

Because you at your best while showing them Christ – that trumps perfect mom any day of the week. The irony is your children probably think you’re perfect already. Shhh…we won’t tell them any different for now.

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