For the one who is never satisfied

IMG_0192Maybe it was when the temperature started consistently going over 90 degrees. Or, possibly, it was when my maternity pants began to get snug. Probably, it was a bad combination of the two. Either way, I lost my happy a few weeks back. I tend to do that. I go through seasons where I struggle with discontentment. The life that I am giddy over one day just seems insufficient the next. Sad to say, I find myself much like the children of Israel as they followed God across the desert.

Thanks for freeing us from slavery, God, but what are we going to drink?

Thanks for providing water in the middle of the desert, God, but now I’m hungry.

Bread that falls from heaven? That was so cool – for a while. What else do you have?

Oh, quail that appears at our camp for dinner. Nice.

Over and over, God would answer their prayers for provision. What satisfied them in the moment, however, quickly became not enough. That’s because they were never supposed to find satisfaction in the quail or the bread or the water. Their satisfaction was not even to be found in deliverance from any one circumstance.

God wants us to be satisfied in him. Only him. Even if he leaves us in an unpleasant circumstance without the water flowing freely and the bread falling from heaven. Even if we find ourselves in the valley of the shadow. Even when the fig tree doesn’t blossom and there are no cattle in the stalls. God is still sufficient. He is still enough.

I was reminded of that in my reading this morning of Psalm 81.

If you would only listen to me – you would open your mouth wide and I would fill it. {My paraphrase of verses 8-10}

He doesn’t promise a little. He doesn’t offer to just take the edge off. If we would just listen to him and look to him – he would fill us completely.

If you would just listen to me – I would satisfy you with honey from the rock. {My paraphrase of verses 13-16}

I love that he uses the word satisfy. If we would just listen to him, he would be our satisfaction.

Today, may we look for satisfaction in our Savior and not our circumstances.


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