Five Things Friday: 5 Summer Activities That Won’t Make You Sweat

It seems like only yesterday when people could think of nothing else to post on Facebook other than pictures of snow and some sort of comment about how cold they were. Now look at us all complaining about the sunshine and heat. {Oh, is that just me?} Maybe I’m just a little bitter about all of y’all posting photos of your feet in the sand and your little umbrella drinks by the pool. Meanwhile, I’m crazy pregnant and it’s blazing hot and walking from the kitchen to the living room makes me sweat.

rainI have a very full day, today, including grocery shopping and all manners of excitement. I also have a date planned with my eldest daughter who asked if we could go to Starbucks and Target. {Okay, if that’s what you want. I will force myself.}¬†I also found out, yesterday, that this baby is coming 7 weeks from today. I had been planning on closer to 9 weeks and, so, I am suddenly in panic mode. I feel the need to clean things and buy things and what if I forget something. It’s like I’ve never done this before. {I have, by the way, done this before. Once or twice or four times before. Anywho.}

So, in the spirit of staying in the air conditioning, here are 5 Summer Activities That Won’t Make You Sweat.

  1. Play “get the sock.” All family members put on a pair of socks. Everyone gets on their hands and knees and tries to grab the socks off of everyone else. Last person wearing a sock wins. We have played this for years in our house and it is always a crowd pleaser. I would say that it will “knock your socks off,” but that would be corny.
  2. Play “who’s the killer.” Maybe it’s our love of all things crime and drama, but my husband and I are partial to this one. Everyone sits in a circle and draws a slip of paper from a bowl – one of which is marked with a “K” indicating that person is the killer. Everyone looks around the circle hoping to not make eye contact with the killer because, if he or she winks at you, you’re a goner. The one to figure out who the killer is before being killed wins.
  3. Put on a play / sock puppet show. My kids are all about making up a good story. So, they will spend quite some time making up their own play or show. Just make sure you have a comfy seat and a cup of coffee because, sometimes, these shows are quite long and complicated.
  4. Play in the rain. Oh, my kids love this. If you happen to get a nice steady rain – send the kids out to play. They laugh. They giggle. They dance. You sit inside where it’s dry and watch them through the sliding door while enjoying HGTV. {Maybe, I’m giving away too many of my secrets here.}
  5. Read a book as a family. Pick an old childhood favorite and have everyone read it together. If you pick one that has a movie, when everyone is finished, have a family movie/popcorn night. We just did this with The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and it was great fun.

Okay, folks, I’ve got things to do. So, I’m off! Have a great Friday!

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