Because you can’t go wrong with chocolate

I adore Pinterest. I really do. I love to spend my time pinning recipes I’ll never make and DIYs I’ll never attempt. But every so often, I come across something wonderful. Something simple. Something I can actually do with multiple children hanging off of my every limb. This one just happens to come from one of my favorite bloggers, Laura from Heavenly Homemakers.

I saw this post and thought, “Well, that is just brilliant.” I had everything already in my pantry and fridge which, in my book, makes the recipe a winner already.

Here is what you’ll need:

whipped 1

{Note: the original recipe calls for liquid stevia and, well, yeah. Pure sugar, baby.}


{Note: Walmart had 2 lb containers of strawberries for only $3.48 this week – for those of us who planted berries only to have the birds and squirrels enjoy a lavish feast at our expense.}

That’s it. That is all you need. A winner, right?

Whip the whipping cream until it goes from being a liquid to a solid. And, yes, I totally made the kids come and watch and called it a science lesson. {Homeschoolers rock, but they don’t get a summer break or winter break or snow day. They never know when Mommy will become Teacher. It keeps them on their toes.}


Add chocolate and sugar. I doubled the amount of whipping cream so I also doubled the amount of cocoa powder. I googled the liquid stevia to sugar conversion and found that all of the conversion charts actually go the other way. Apparently, sugar is bad. Whatevs. I added 3ish teaspoons of sugar and didn’t feel at all bad.


At this point, I began to smell something burning and thought maybe you aren’t supposed to use a hand mixer with a plastic bowl. But, it was too late. I was in too deep and there was no going back. If you are reading this, however, plastic is probably not the way to go.

Mix again and, behold, chocolate, fluffy goodness.


Put this immediately in fridge to keep cold while you slice the yummy strawberries.


Serve your lovely assistant a bowl of deliciousness as a reward for her help. Go skimpy on the chocolate whipped cream.


Because you want plenty for yourself after they all go to bed.


Happy Thursday, y’all!

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