When God Says to Move the Stone

It’s early. It’s cold. Really cold. And I am out of coffee.

I’ll let that sink in for a moment.coffee

I know that Facebook has flaws but, when a community of people can come together and mourn my lack of morning caffeine, my hope in humanity is restored.

I’ve been studying and preparing for an event which I’ll be speaking at later this month and I’ve been thinking about Martha. She really was such a servant. She was also very practical. When she had the Messiah sitting in her living room speaking and teaching, she was scurrying around the kitchen pouring drinks and whatnot. I totally get that. I mean, someone has to put ice in the cups and make sure there isn’t dried food stuck to the forks. Am I right?

Then, some time later, her brother, Lazarus becomes ill and dies. Jesus comes to Martha’s home and tells her to remove the stone which covered the tomb. Here is the Messiah. He has turned water into wine. He has just come from restoring sight to a man born blind. He has cast out demons and allowed the lame to walk again. Yet, when this same Jesus asks her to have the stone moved, what does she say?

Lord, by this time, there will be an odor, for he has been dead four days. – John 11:39

Jesus tells her that her brother will live again and that she should open up the tomb and her reply is, “But it’s gonna smell really badly!” Seriously, how can you not adore Martha? Practical, responsible, dependable Martha.

I don’t know what God may be promising you or calling you to do but, sometimes, we have to just believe. We pray for provision even when we can not see any possible way for it to happen. We pray for relationships to be restored even when it seems impossible. We entrust our loved ones to God knowing he loves them even more than we love them.

And, when God calls us to move the stone away from the tomb, we just move it.

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