5 Things You Can Do Instead of Facebook

I love Facebook. I really do. I have met some wonderful, genuine and kind people. And while it is good to care about one another’s hurts or achievements, I have had to admit to myself that I am a little too interested. I’m too interested in what you had for breakfast, what you wore on Wednesday and how much snow was on your porch this morning. 

So, I did an experiment. One day this week, I turned off the computer. Literally, turned it off and walked away. Do you know what I found? I found that it was possible to fill my day without reading a single status update. I found that I enjoyed my children a little more when I engaged them instead of just photographed them. There was freedom in doing activities that I enjoyed without feeling the need to tell all of my “friends” that I was doing them.

Because, guess what? You are still a good mom even if no one on Instagram sees a picture of the Christmas cookies you just baked. You are still a wonderful homemaker even if no one on Pinterest ever sees your Christmas tree. And, believe it or not, it will still be Christmas even if no one on Facebook ever knows what you finally decided to buy for your great aunt Shirley.

During my little experiment, here are five things I found to do instead of Facebook.

I baked a loaf of bread and, y’all, it was good.


I did some laundry because nothing says, “I love you,” quite like clean underwear.


I spent some time in the Word without tweeting, Facebooking or blogging it.


Instead of rushing off during independent work, I sat with the girls and was just present.


I played an ABC game with my favorite three year old.


There was laughter and playing and reading and cuddling and cartoon watching. It was all wonderful. And it really did happen even if no one on Facebook saw it.

{Oh, and these photos? My daughter took them. :)}

What could you be doing?

Y’all are loved.

2 thoughts on “5 Things You Can Do Instead of Facebook

  1. Usually on cleaning day I don’t look at face book all day until that night. You’re right, life does keep going without having to know what everyone ate for lunch or made out of toothpicks. 😊


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