5 Hobbies For People Who Stink at Hobbies

I want to have a hobby. I really do. I see y’all out there with your handmade whatchamadoodles. I see you guys running down my street with your fancy gear and no one even chasing you. Y’all are hunting and crocheting and canning and whatnot and it makes me think I want a hobby.

cropped-scripture-doodle1.jpgHere is the thing, though. I stink at hobbies.

One of my earliest endeavors was candle making. Okay, stop laughing. I wanted to convert a corner of our garage into a little work space and I was going to produce wonderful creations worthy of their own Etsy shop. Maybe endeavor is not the right word. I mean, it never really happened outside of my mind. I just couldn’t seem to figure out how that was going to work.

Okay, children all under the age of 5. Mommy will be out here in the garage making candles. Try to not burn the house down.

Then, I was going to golf. {I took a few lessons from the fabulous Jason Reed. I still remember G (grip), A (aim) and S (setup – or swing or smile.) Okay, I don’t actually remember the S.} I even got a set of golf clubs for my birthday. This hobby actually had the potential of happening. Except, well, I really didn’t like golfing. It made me a nervous wreck when it was my turn and other folks were waiting to tee off. The whole concept of “playing through” was embarrassing. Hi, I know I look the part but I really stink at this. You may want to play through. 

Enter scrapbooking. Now, this one I stuck with longer than all of the others. I decided to make a book for each of my children that I would then give to them on their wedding day or my death bed. I have such grand visions for my hobbies. I began strong and my oldest child has a pretty good book so far. Of course, in it, she appears to still be five because that’s where I ran out of steam. My 6 year old is forever 2. My 3 year old was just born and poor Sophia? Well, in the Scrapbooking world, she does not exist. Maybe, on my death bed, I can just describe how I envisioned their scrapbooks to look. coffee

So, that’s just a sampling of my hobby attempts over the years. But I refuse to give up. I believe there are hobbies out there for people (like yours truly) who just plain stink at hobbies. Why should we be left out? If you have ever envisioned making candles in your garage, this list is for you.

5 Hobbies For People Who Stink at Hobbies

  1. Multitasking. If you have ever pulled a child’s tooth with one hand while feeding the baby with the other, this one may be for you. If you have ever changed a diaper while talking on the phone and checking homework, this may have your name written all over it. Are you drinking a cup of coffee while reading this post? Well, look at you! You have a hobby. That brings us to number 2.
  2. Coffee Drinking. The morning cup of joe is more than a mere beverage. It is an experience. You get to choose the vessel which means the most to you. Maybe it’s the dainty mug which seems to call for you to stick out your little finger. Maybe it’s the cup you bought while on vacation. Possibly, it is whatever cup happens to be clean – or the cleanest. Whatever. Then, you get to pick the beverage itself. Do you want bold or medium or flavored? Cream or no cream? Regular or decaf? Actually, if you drink decaf, this hobby is not for you.
  3. Hide and Seek. Oh, I know you think no one sees you because you are so very good at what you do. But I see you hiding in the bathroom, with the shower running, while you sit in the floor and eat a candy bar. Yep, I see you sitting in the car in the parking lot of the grocery store reading a book. Ran out of toilet paper, huh? Right. Sending your kids to clean their room so you can play one more game of Candy Crush? Yeah, you’ve got this hobby down pat, my friend.
  4. Beginning, but never finishing a book. I love you sweet bloggers who have pages listing all of the books you have read. It is so inspiring that I begin many of the books you recommend. And, yes, they are very good. Well, at least the first chapter or two. I love to read. I really do. But, for some reason, I lose interest easily and rarely finish. What I need for you to do is to list the best 10-15 pages of the book and I will just start there. Thanks.
  5. Procrastinating. This, my friends, is the hobby of all hobbies and my personal favorite. You can dream big and lavish things. You can paint a masterpiece. You can write the great American novel. You can be the next Julia Child. You can make your own vanilla scented candles in your garage. And you can do it all tomorrow.

So, if hobbies have not worked for you in the past, do not despair. There is one out there for you!

4 thoughts on “5 Hobbies For People Who Stink at Hobbies

  1. You are too funny! My hobby is cake decorating…wait, maybe that was just a dream I had last night. I was a really great cake decorator…in my dream. 😊
    Maybe someday we’ll take that cake decorating class, or we could just go somewhere for cheesecake. 😊

    I think my true hobby is eating. I’m really great at it! 😄

  2. In the past 12 months I have become the queen of procrastination. I just can’t seem to get it in gear. Now I will claim it as my hobby! Thanks Stacy! Your posts ALWAYS make me smile!

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