Day 2: The Reality of Heaven

I have a child that refuses to nap and a 9 year old learning long division. Lord bless. My brain is just tired. So, I went WAY outside of my comfort zone and did a video for y’all for day 2.

A few things.

Yes, I have a piece of candy in my mouth. Not sure what I was thinking there.

The ending was cut off because a child started crying and there was no way I was re-doing it. Just know that I was saying good-bye, thank you, etc.

I turned my whole computer around so that you could not see into my messy kitchen.

That loud beep around minute three? Yeah, sorry about that. I had Facebook running in the background. Ooops.

I think that about covers it.

Click on the link below and Enjoy!

→DAY 2

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10 thoughts on “Day 2: The Reality of Heaven

    • Ella watched and asked, “why do you keep doing big eyes?” LOL When I’m teaching, we will have to have a sign that you can give me when I’m doing that. It makes me look psycho.

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