Tips for Scripture Reading with Little Ones

I like to read Scripture to my children while they eat lunch. This is not Bible “study” time. This is just them hearing the Word (and a little commentary from their mother because they just don’t get enough of that during the day!) I do this during lunch because they are all together, seated and have full mouths and are unable to interrupt. For those of you working outside of the home, you could do this at breakfast or dinner or bath time. Now, before you become too impressed, please know that I have been doing this for several weeks now and we are only on Genesis 16 and this is with me skipping the part about Noah getting gassed and naked because, well, who has time for that?kitchen bible

The fact is that there are days when I get about three verses read before the baby cries or someone steals their sister’s pickle or the 3 year old falls out of her chair. At first, this stressed me because I had this vision in my head of a chapter each day. I am a list maker and a list checker offer, so I have to guard my heart against making Scripture reading just another to-do item to get done.

I started the lunch time reading because I wanted the Bible, God, Christ to not be compartmentalized. Sure, we study Bible during school. But I don’t want it to be just a subject that they have between math and Science. I encourage them to have private time with the Lord during the day. But I don’t want their relationship with God to just be something they do at the end of the day in their beds. I want Christ to be what their lives are all about. I want their faith to be as natural and as necessary as their next breath.

So, I read – and here are some things I am learning along the way.

Tips for Scripture Reading with Little Ones

  • Have a designated Bible that stays in the kitchen.  If you have to run and find a Bible each day, it will never become a lasting habit. At first, I kept one on the window sill. It was a little out of sight, though, so I would often forget. Now, it sits in a bowl in the middle of our table.
  • Don’t have a preconceived notion of how much you will read each day. If you only get two verses read before someone has a meltdown, don’t sweat it. Smile, close it up and know that tomorrow is another day.
  • Point out interesting facts that they may miss. For instance, point out that Abraham was promised a child when he was 75 years old. Issac, however, was not born until he was 100 years old. No in depth study here. Just an acknowledgement that, sometimes, we must be patient as we wait for God’s promises.
  • Don’t be afraid to paraphrase. We are not having seminary classes here. If you think the words or content are beyond your little one’s understanding – use your own words.

Just have fun with it. In twenty years, your kids will not remember that you couldn’t pronounce the name of a city or person. (You can totally make those things up, by the way. They will not know the difference!) They will, however, remember growing up in a home where God was honored and His Word was read.

Happy Wednesday, y’all!


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  1. Great idea! Thanks for sharing what you’ve learned by doing this. (Especially about not freaking out if my planned amount of bible time doesn’t happen because someone starts throwing a plate of food on the floor.)😊

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