Promises For When You Forget (Free Printable)

Sometimes, in the midst of pain or weariness, we can forget. We get caught up in what others believe about us and we forget what God says is true about us. Then, there are those days when we get really busy with our to-do lists and we forget what God would have us do. It’s easy to fall into that place.heart sugar cookie

If we aren’t careful, we will allow the latest life drama to overshadow God’s truth. Sometimes, we need some in-our-face kind of reminders. I have Scripture posted in the bathrooms, at my computer and over my kitchen sink. Do we ever need a reminder from the Lord more than when we are forced to hand scrub that baking dish that refused to be cleaned after three cycles in the dishwasher? 

Whether it’s a sick relative, a broken relationship, a work issue or just a day when the baby refuses to nap – these verses have helped keep my heart and mind focused on what matters. I pray they will do the same for you.

Here are five reminders of who you are in times of trial and five reminders of what you should do. Feel free to print, laminate and post them where you need them most.

Who I am / What I Should Do

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