States and Capitals Memory Game (Free Download)

If you can turn anything into a game, do it!memory state capitals 2

We are in the process of studying the states and capitals. Sure, we could just memorize the information OR we could play a game. :) .

My girls were so excited when it came Geography time and I pulled out the State and Capital Memory game. I just created cute little cards, printed them out and laminated them. Easy! Now, even my 3 year old is learning her state capitals.

On days like today when it’s rainy and dreary – it always helps to have some homemade educational games on hand.

These also work very well as simple flash cards. I am trying to teach my children to be productive with their time. So, if I am busy with one child and another one is finished with their current activity or is at a spot where they need assistance, I am teaching them to find something they can work on while they wait. This can be math flash cards, silent reading or something like these cards.memory cards state capital

lf you would like to use these cards with your kiddos, simply click here to download your very own copy.

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