Motherhood: Mistakes and Grace

ellaThe anxiety can be overwhelming. We worry that we are really making a mess of this mothering thing and we wonder what they will remember. Will it be the homemade ice cream and trips to the park or will it be that time you totally lost your cool at the grocery store? Something in us hopes the late night tickle fests and wrestling matches will make up for the time-outs and the mommy meltdowns.

The truth is there is no scale of motherhood balancing the wins with the what-was-I-thinking moments. We are all just doing the best we can to make fewer mistakes today than yesterday. We forge ahead armed with caffeine and a whole lot of grace and we trust God to fill in the gaps of our parenting.

There are going to be days when the big girls get to go to a baseball game with daddy and you promise an “evening of crazy fun” to the three year old. Of course, you have no way of knowing the television is going to stop working and the baby will scream non-stop and that poor three year old will put on her best sad face and wish daddy was home. Maybe, in a desperate attempt to ease the guilt, you allow her to have popcorn and chocolate chips for supper. Then you feel guilty for that. Maybe. Some days just need a do-over option. 

It’s okay.

Just breathe.

Here is what you need to remember. Motherhood is this beautiful blending of mistakes and grace.  No day is a complete disaster that ends with night-night kisses and giggles and – tomorrow – well, that’s a brand new day.

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