Traveling Tips

We live in a fickle world.  The one who praises you today may persecute you tomorrow.  Partnerships dissolve. Friendships end.  People forget.

Joseph experienced all of these things.  He was betrayed by brothers, falsely imprisoned and forgotten by the cupbearer who promised to remember him.  He found himself in a season that he referred to as the land of my affliction (Genesis 41:52 HCSB.)

Sometimes, it seems as if we are all alone in our land of affliction.  People who were sympathetic in the beginning have moved on to other things.  Often, people do not even recognize that we are in a place of trial. So, how do we maneuver through this place?

Tips for Traveling Through the Land of Afflictionmaps

  1. We must remember that we are not traveling alone (Genesis 39:21.) The Lord was with Joseph on every step of his journey.
  2. Do not view your current location as an indicator that the Lord’s love for you has changed (Genesis 39:21.)  The Lord showed Joseph steadfast love.
  3. Be aware of others navigating difficult roads (Genesis 40:6-7.) Even in dire circumstances, Joseph was aware of those who were hurting around him.
  4. When the Lord delivers you from the land of affliction, do not forget those who have not yet made it out (Genesis 40:23.) Life is difficult for everyone and no one makes it out unscathed. Always be aware of your fellow pilgrims traveling this foreign land.

4 thoughts on “Traveling Tips

  1. Very timely for me! Last week friends confronted my husband (pastor) in an unkind way on a decision he made in ministry. Been working through this all week. Needed this this morning, thanks!

    • I’m so sorry you are dealing with this, Ang. My husband is also a pastor and I know how difficult it can be at times. I’ll be praying for friendships to be restored and hurt feelings to be mended. Blessings to you, my friend.

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