Dear Child, Don’t Worry

Before I ever carried the first baby in my womb, I worried. You know, the kind of things only a mother would think to worry about. What if my child is the only one in the church nursery without monogrammed burp cloths? What if he never does crawl properly and insists on doing the inchworm everywhere he goes?snow day sophia

Then, when I realized my first child was a daughter, I was able to be a little more specific with my worries. What if I never learn how to French braid? What if she is a nail-biter like me? What if she doesn’t get asked to the prom? What if she does?

We mamas can do that, can’t we? We can conjure up enough what-if scenarios to keep ourselves worried around the clock. But, at the end of the day, worry never changes a thing for the better. I do not want my daughters to waste a single God-given moment on worry. Worrying is such a shameful waste of time and energy. 

So, if I were to be gone tomorrow, these are the things I would not want my children to worry about.

  • Do not worry about being popular. Just be a friend to the friendless.
  • Do not worry about who does not come to your birthday party. Celebrate wildly with the ones who are there.
  • Do not worry about the boys who don’t notice you. Wait patiently for the one God created with you in mind.
  • Do not worry about that awful yearbook photo. Everyone has one and you will laugh at it one day.
  • Do not worry about stretch marks. Wear them with pride.
  • Do not worry about cheerios under the kitchen table. It’s a universal sign of a happy home.
  • Do not worry about being as good as someone else. Just be the very best mom, woman, child of God that you can be.
  • Do not worry about tracking dirt in the house. Bare feet are a thing of beauty.
  • Do not worry about laundry. Play another game. Read another book. Snuggle a little longer.
  • Do not worry about past mistakes. They do not define you.
  • Do not worry about disappointing me. Being your mom is the joy of my heart.
  • Do not worry when something seems hopeless. The God of all hope and comfort is in control.

We want the very best for our babies, don’t we? So, let’s instill in them the ability to say “no” to worry.


 Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to your life? – Luke 12:25

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    • Thanks so much for stopping by, Janis! Perfect love casts out fear, right? 🙂 Glad you found me on Twitter. Can’t wait to chat with you there. Have a great day!

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