Fashioned for Fellowship

We were created for community. You and I were fashioned for fellowship. It was never God’s plan that anyone should live in isolation.

Satan has a nasty bag of tricks and he knows exactly which one to play on a person. Life happens to us all. This world is broken and no one makes it through without getting cut on the jagged edges. If we are not careful, however, we become completely wrapped up in our own pain. We begin to believe the lies that evil whispers in our ears. You know the ones.

No one is suffering quite like I am right now.

Why is everyone else having an easier time?20120920-011548.jpg

No one would understand.

Oh, that serpent is a smooth operator. He wants you to gorge yourself on your own pain until you have no room for anything or anyone else. He knows that, if you are totally focused on you, then you won’t notice that poor brother or sister struggling to make it through their own day. He wants you too full of your own misery to have room for any compassion for someone else. He loves to see people in isolation.

Please visit me on the HomeLife blog today and let’s remind each other that we do not walk this path alone. I’ll see you there. 🙂


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