Just Another Day

Sometimes, you take your sick kid to the pediatrician and find out that the doctor you have had for ten years does not accept your new medical insurance. And you’re standing there with all four of your children in front of a waiting room full of people and you cry. You know, the big ugly cry. Then, you make a very graceless exit as you juggle baby carrier, diaper bag, purse and the hand of your two year old. You attempt to leave without making eye contact with anyone, but something inside of you wants to scream, “You do not know what I have been through this year!”

You make it to the car and you are SO grateful that you will not have to see those people again. Then, you realize you have to sign a release form for them to send all of the medical records to the new pediatrician. So, yeah, back in you go.

Then, maybe, you make your way to Toys ‘R Us to lighten the mood. You walk around and let the kids play with the toys. A nice calm begins to come over you. Everyone is happy and you make your way to the door. What’s that? You can’t find your car keys? They are not in your purse or in your diaper bag or in the buggy. You rush out to the car certain that  you will see them dangling from the ignition. But, no, they are gone. Cue the ugly cry – again. It’s time for the baby to eat and through the locked window you see the bottle sitting in the cup holder and you can’t really remember why it is there and not in the diaper bag.

You casually walk to customer service attempting to appear like you are not one second away from absolutely losing your mind. You are relieved to hear that some angel has turned in your keys and you swear the hallelujah chorus begins to play over the loud speaker.

Yes, sometimes, that is how your day goes before it’s even lunch time.

Then, your friend puts this video on your FaceBook wall and, for just a moment, all is right with the world again.

2 thoughts on “Just Another Day

  1. That was an awesome rap! Sorry you had such a terrible morning yesterday. You deserve some chocolate for that. 🙂

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