The Samuel Project (Day 15): God Speaks to King Jehoshaphat

It hurts to be misunderstood. When someone presumes to know your heart and then proceeds to pass judgement. It is a wound that goes deep.

There are times when people attack. Oh, it may not be with physical force. Angry, unkind words pierce the heart and bury themselves deep. They make everything in a person want to stand up and declare his innocence. Often, I’m sure you have found, an attempt at defense makes matters worse. You just want to shake your fist at the unfairness of it all.

I know. I have been there. Truth be told, I am there. I want to set the record straight. I want to point my finger and tell the world that things are not always what they seem. I want a lot of things. My flesh, I should say, wants a lot of things.

No doubt, there are times we are called to fight for what is right. Sometimes, however, the soldier in us is called to stand down. We must let someone else have the last word for now. Pride must be swallowed. We must fall back and let God lead the charge.

What I Read:

2 Chronicles 20:15-17

What He Said:

Every battle is not our battle to fight. Sometimes, even that attack that seems so personal, is not about us at all. In fact, I dare say, it usually is not about us at all. We may be the object of a person’s wrath, but it is usually about something far bigger.

Does your enemy seem unbeatable? Listen to these words God gives to King Jehoshaphat. I think you will find a little freedom in them.

Do not be afraid or discouraged because of this vast army… – 2 Chronicles 20:15

Is anyone up against something that is causing a little bit of fear? How about discouragement? They are unrelenting adversaries, aren’t they? Keep listening. This is where it gets good.

For the battle is not yours, but God’s.

Think about it. How much energy have you wasted? How much sleep have you lost? How much of yourself have you given to a battle that wasn’t even yours to fight?

Are you weary of fighting? Do your efforts seem to be in vain?

Maybe, just maybe, you are fighting a battle that is not yours.


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