An Inciting Incident: Failure or Faithful?

Often, you only know looking back. It is only in hindsight that you realize that moment was a turning point. Then, when you study it in the rear view mirror, you usually wish you had handled things differently. Maybe, you wish you had been a little more trusting or had a little more faith.

There are other times, however, when you know that you are smack in the middle of a monumental moment. You know the choices you make will cast rippling effects far into the future.

I stand in one of those moments. It is what the film industry refers to as an inciting incident. It is that moment when all of the dramatic conflict, which had been going on behind the scenes, suddenly makes itself known. I know there is a choice to be made here. It’s the Job scenario, where you must choose to reject or worship. There are no other options. 

Stripped of every worldly possession and left with no way to rescue myself, will I choose to reject the One who has promised to provide or will I worship Him as the One is enough? It is a life altering decision. There is more at stake here than my next meal. My legacy of faith is on the line. Will I prove myself faithful?

Here, in this moment, will I bless His name and call Him faithful or will I fail Him when it matters most? This is my inciting incident. This is my moment.

I followed Him. I was obedient to the call. From a worldly view, I lost a great deal in the process. Satan got some pretty good licks in and, to be honest, I threw myself a pretty good pity party over it. My response to this incident will determine the kind of person I am going to be.

Will I label myself failure or prove myself faithful?

There really isn’t a choice. I will praise Him and I will wait for Him to show Himself.

I may not understand.

I may be wounded by the circumstances.

I may have my feelings hurt.

But, I will worship.

There is a whole world watching, including little eyes that look up to me, and I will not fail them by failing Him.

This moment, this inciting incident, will be the moment when I stand still and let God do with me as He will.

Like Mary, I will say, let it be to me according to Your Word (Luke 1:38.)


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