Dear Sister, I See You

I see you.

Oh, frazzled mom, with the dark circles under your eyes, crying baby and laundry piled everywhere. You feel like you are drowning and no one seems to be able to see. But, I do.

And, sweet sister, spending your days with toddlers and tantrums and tedious tasks? I see you, too. Your efforts are not in vain and your sacrifices do not go unnoticed. It may seem that you have been lost among the sippy cups and dirty diapers. Hear me now. You are not lost. I know exactly where you are.

You, dear one, with the broken heart. You have held babies in your womb that you never got to hold in your arms. You look around and the sunshine seems a bit too bright and the laughter of others is a piercing pain. Your loss seems trivialized by the world around you. I promise, it is not trivial to me. I have felt that pain and I see your tears.

Sweet single gal, you have been single a lot longer than you ever thought you would be. It seems everyone has a someone except you. Can I tell you that you have a Someone, too? And that Someone is positively smitten with you. You are His beloved and you are all things beautiful to Him.

And, you, dear woman with the empty nest and kids all grown. I see you, too, and your work is not through. Your wisdom is needed and your experiences are invaluable to the sisters traveling the path you have walked. I look at you and see evidence of God’s grace. Your life is a testimony that a woman can, indeed, survive these exhausting child-rearing years and live to laugh about it later. Oh, yes. I certainly see you on the other side of where I am and it gives me strength. You give me strength.

So, sister, you are not invisible. Whatever stage you are in, I see you.

I was you.

I am you.

I hope to be you some day.

8 thoughts on “Dear Sister, I See You

  1. so beautifully put together!! at my age I sometimes feel ‘used up’ but this makes me know that God still has something for even me!!

    • You’re far from used up, Yaya. You are still very much needed. You are a huge source of encouragement in my life. Love u!

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