Stop the Rush!

Stop the Rush!

I always regret it – the way I rush my children about.


Hurry up and get dressed so you can eat breakfast.
Hurry up and eat breakfast so you can brush your teeth.
Hurry up and brush your teeth so you can go to school.
Hurry up and do your homework so we can eat dinner.
Hurry up and eat your dinner so you can get a bath.
Hurry up and bathe so you can get in the bed.


Whew, I’m stressed and exhausted just typing that out. How much more stressful it must be for my children to hear it day in and day out.

I find myself missing the moment because I’m scurrying on to the next. And, in the process, I have missed all of the moments that made up the day – a day that will not come my way again.

Please tell me that you can relate.

It’s the way the world works, isn’t it? We have to squeeze twenty-five hours’ worth of work into every day. If we settle for anything less then we will soon be way behind, right?

Can we stop being watchers of the clock and, instead, be embracers of the moment? Maybe, we can do it together. Are you in for a little less rushing and a little more savoring?

If so, join me over on the Family Matters blog today for a couple things you can do to stop the rush!

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