Holy Tasks

The world spins wildly around and it is hard to stand firm.  There is no prayer closet in which you can lock yourself away.  Truth be told, a closet would not help.  Someone would always be knocking on the door, rattling the knob, needing, wanting…

We do not need to escape in order to rest in Him.  It is the beauty of His plan – that He would dwell deep within us.  His presence always there in the midst of the daily chores, duties, and callings.  When we truly understand that we carry that peace inside of us we are able to smile in the midst of our circumstances.  If we viewed every task as a holy one, we would find ourselves viewing each one as an opportunity and not a nuisance.

Seek Him throughout the day.  Does the monotony of the mundane seem too much?

Whoever confesses that Jesus is the Son of God – God remains in him… – 1 John 4:15 HCSB

Can anything be mundane when God Himself is in the midst of it?  Whether you are making millions, saving lives or doing the same chore you did yesterday and the day before – if you are His, then it is a holy thing you do.

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