He Holds It Together

Some days your heart is just stubborn.  I completely understand.  It just stiffens its legs and refuses to move beyond the disappointment, pain or struggle you currently face.  Sometimes, your heart of flesh? It just no longer wants to be strong.  It feels fragile…on the verge of breaking into a million pieces.

You don’t know how to keep going and, yet, you don’t have any choice except to keep going. I know.

Some weeks just seem to be too much:  the baby is sick, a project goes wrong at work, your debit card doesn’t work at the grocery store, your car begins making a funny noise, a much anticipated time with the kids turns into an afternoon of grumbling and complaining.

Someone you love is sick or has let you down. You feel lost and alone and abandoned.

And, sometimes, all those things happen in the same day.

And, when that happens, you are pretty sure that you are just going to fall apart.  But, you know what?  You haven’t fallen apart yet.  And I will tell you why.

...in Him all things hold together. – Colossians 1:17

God, in a way only He can do, speaks to wounded hearts. And He says, You are not going to fall apart, beloved, because I will not let you.  He holds your heart together even when it seems, with one wrong move, it could shatter.

He holds all things together…and that includes your heart. You can trust Him with it. I promise.

One thought on “He Holds It Together

  1. Great reminder that we don’t have to let life’s burdens & struggles break us down. This kind of goes along with our Jolt of Joy reading today. We can rely on the fruit of the Spirit to get us through difficult times.

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