Five Minute Friday: Story

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Home was a brick duplex, a Strawberry Shortcake bedroom and a community center down the road that held Halloween costume contests each year.  It was big piles of leaves, my favorite tree and a book of poems that opened my eyes to the beauty of the written word.

Home was a small double wide trailer in a big open field. It was four-wheelers and dirt bikes and blanket forts in the living room. It was awkward adolescence, big time dreams and puppy love.  It was best friend necklaces, church lock-ins and friendships I thought would last a lifetime.

Home was a lovely two story house, a shiny new car and a job at the grocery store down the street.  It was a first kiss and self discovery and first steps into adulthood.

Home was a three bedroom ranch with a pink tiled bathroom and neighbors who kept to themselves. It was a welcome home to four baby girls and cook-outs and holiday meals. It was cramped and tight and full of love and life.

Now, home is a parsonage in the country.  It’s a separation from comfort, a microwave with the broken handle and an opportunity to worship in wide open spaces. It’s room to run, kick ball games and memories yet to be made.  And, one day, this home that is will be the home that was and the story will continue…

4 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Story

  1. Great post! It’s a good reminder that a house does not make a home, it’s the people in it. Home is where your heart is. (I think that is a quote from someone, but not sure who.) 🙂

  2. Indeed the story will continue….so nicely written and a true reminder that home is where our hearts are. I love the line…It was a welcome home to four baby girls. Glad I stumbled over here from Lisa Jo’s blog for a quick read. I continue to be fascinated by the many different stories that unfold from a one word prompt. God Bless You.

  3. My husband and I have moved so many times in our 17 years of marriage. Home is wherever we are, our memories of those years marked by the house we lived in at each stage of life. Thanks for the reminder that it’s just okay that we haven’t had the same house to raise the kids in all these years. The bottom line is, we’re still in love with each other, our kids and the life God has blessed us with. (visiting from Lisa Jo’s) 🙂

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