Favor in the Desert…

Sometimes, we like to wallow in our misery.  Just for a while mind you.  We throw ourselves a little pity party and invite everyone we know to join us.  And, it’s okay for a time.

Eventually, however, we must remember that the fruit of the spirit is not anger, melancholy, confusion and doubt.  Lord, have mercy.  Aren’t we all glad about that?

Yet, the truth is that there are those times when we find ourselves in the desert.  And, the fruit of the spirit, it’s not always blooming freely in those dry and barren places.  Or is it?

The people who survive the sword will find favor in the desert.   –Jeremiah 31:2 NIV

If we endure the trial we will find favor in our desert place.

There are hard times in everyone’s life.  No one is exempt.  However, even when we are in a desert with no sign of life in sight, God knows our exact location and situation.

The people who survive the sword will find favor in the desert; I will come to give rest…  –Jeremiah 31:2 NIV

He sees us and He will come to us.  We just have to persevere and trust.  We can not give up on Him because He will come.

He will show Himself gracious.  He will meet us in the midst of our desert and show us that undeserved, unwarranted and wonderful favor.  He will provide rest and refreshment for the weary wanderer.

Jennifer Rothschild makes a statement in one of her Bible studies, It doesn’t have to be well with your circumstances in order to be well with your soul.

Notice that the Lord doesn’t say that He will come and remove you from the desert.  He will come and show you favor.  He will come and give you rest.

He will do something far more amazing than removing you from your barren place.  Do you see it?  He will join you in the desert…

He will go where He does not have to go and do what He does not have to do.

It is just His way.

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