Following Him Into the Dark

Why are we so often shocked when we encounter hardship in this world?  Shouldn’t we already be aware that the paths are rocky and the terrain is sin-stained?  Worldly pursuits will leave us empty and people inevitably will let us down.  Yet, we keep looking.  We continue to seek purpose and fulfillment where none is to be found.

I am reminded of the women crying at the tomb. The angel asks them, Why do you seek the living among the dead?  Aren’t we often seeking the right things in the wrong places?

We look for acceptance among our peers.  We seek fulfillment from our occupations.  We desire understanding from those who know us best.  And, if any of these things don’t pan out the way we would like, don’t we allow it to just rock our world?

Acceptance. Fulfillment.  A little understanding, for crying out loud.  Are these things so wrong to desire? No.  The error comes in where we are seeking them.

You are my Lord; I have no good apart from you. – Psalm 16:2

The psalmist declares that he relies on the Lord for his well-being.  He is all too aware of the fickleness of worldly praise and accomplishments.

We need to be in a place where, though the whole world misunderstand us, we are secure in our Lord. We must, as did the psalmist, make the Lord our chosen portion.  In the midst of trials and temptations, we must choose Him.

We must choose to follow wherever He leads knowing that where He leads is good.  Even when it does not appear so at first.  Often, God leads us into dark places and it is easy to misunderstand.  Trials come our way. People let us down.  Satan seems to hit us on every side and it seems no good can come of the situation.

When things get the darkest and we can not see to put one foot in front of the other…this is when we should listen the closest.

Our Lord is constantly taking us into the dark, that He may tell us things…Into the dark of some crushing sorrow and disappointment.  Then He tells us His secrets, great and wonderful, eternal and infinite…  – F.B. Meyer

If we would only trust Him enough to follow wherever He leads…  If we could hold tightly to the hem of His garment and let Him lead us right into the darkest of places.   He will tell us His secrets.  The thought alone should make us want to jump out of our skins.

What I tell you in the darkness, speak in the light. – Matthew 10:27

The very secrets of God Himself.  How badly do we want to know them?

If your world is growing dark…listen closely and prepare to be amazed.

3 thoughts on “Following Him Into the Dark

  1. You wouldn’t happen to be a Streams in the Desert reader would you? 😉 I am and read this closely this morning as I’m going through what seems like a dark time when I feel like I’m getting no answers from God about strange health problems….trusting Him has never more been the focus. Thank you for your blog post today – it was exactly what I needed! 🙂

  2. 🙂 Yes, I read Streams in the Desert every morning. The last several days (as you know) have been about trials and they have really ministered to me as I am going through some issues as well. Thanks so much for reading and commenting. I will add you to my prayer list. Blessings!

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