Helping Your Child Develop Healthy Friendships

There is such a fine line in parenting between guiding and controlling.  Guiding teaches.  Controlling does not.

A parent must constantly be asking themselves, especially as their child ages, if a certain outcome is in the child’s best interest or simply a parental preference.

Some parents, for instance, would prefer to pick their children’s friends for them.  This may seem, at first glance, to be in the best interest of the child.  Yet, in reality, what is best for the child is to learn to develop healthy relationships from the very beginning.

Join me over at the Family Matters blog today for three simple tips for teaching your child to develop healthy friendships.

One thought on “Helping Your Child Develop Healthy Friendships

  1. Great post!! I need to remember these 3 points for when my kids are old enough to start developing friendships. Although, I think Josiah already has a great start on 3 fabulous friends. 🙂

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