Christ Says Come

It’s Wednesday night prayer meeting and folks are fanning themselves with the prayer lists handed out at the door.  So many hurts and needs fill the room.  Someone’s daughter is taken over by cancer.  A tearful woman whispers her desperate need for a job. A special offering is taken up for a family who just had their electricity turned off in the hottest days of summer.

We sit, in our individual chairs, with our unspoken prayer requests.  There is surely a burden in every seat.  And He says, Come.

…let the one who is thirsty come… – Revelation 22:17

Aren’t we so very thirsty?  Our throats are parched with the needs of this world.  We look everywhere for relief and Christ says, Come.

He asks for nothing in return.  What could we possibly give anyway? Tired and thirsty, we come to Him and drink freely.

…let the one who desires take the water of life without price. – Revelation 22:17

We desire and we drink.  He refreshes and restores.

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