They stumbled together along the rocky terrain.  Two men, but only one with the ability to see what awaited them.

It is just another reality show and I’m kicked back on the sofa only half listening.  Yet, I’m drawn to these two men attempting to reach the finish line first.  They have been friends for decades – one of them blind.  This latest task is to climb to the edge of a mountain and jump into the flowing river below.  No life vest or harness to cling to for safety.  And, for one of them, no ability to even see where he was jumping.

Then his friend said this:

Erik has been trusting me for twenty years.  If I tell him to jump off the ledge, he will absolutely do it.

That is some kind of faith.  That is the faith I want to have in the One who sees far into the future.  He is able to see what I can not.  And, if God tells me to jump, I must trust Him and be obedient.

2 thoughts on “Trust

    • I hear ya. It’s not always easy to tell. I always remember what a former boss once said to a pastor who was thinking about changing churches. “Until you get a clear word from the Lord, you stay put. When it’s God telling you to move, there will not be any doubt.” I know that sounds overly simplified, but I don’t believe God hides His will from us. If we are truly seeking Him, He’s going to make the way clear. Hope you have a fabulous week, Nancy!

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