Foolishness or Faith?

Faith, to the world, often appears foolish.  When you let go of the imaginary security that this world offers – the world scoffs.  

But, to live this thing out, you can’t remain frozen in one place.  You can not cling to comfort.  Only when you take a deep breath and step out do you really live worthy of the calling.

We always pray for you that our God will consider you worthy of His calling… – 2 Thessalonians 1:11 HCSB

If you never let go then you never give Him the opportunity to catch you.  You have to do something so big that, if God is not in it, you will fail miserably. Sounds crazy, right?  That’s faith.

So, if God is calling you to step out and do something – do it.  Step off of the ledge and enjoy the ride.

One thought on “Foolishness or Faith?

  1. This is so true. The times in my life that I stepped out “blindly” in faith are the times I have felt the closest to God. Many people probably saw marrying a guy that I had met on the internet and only knew for 8 months as crazy, but God knew he was exactly the man I needed. God will honor our willingness to take that huge step/leap of faith. I know God is going to honor your family’s faithfulness in this new chapter of your lives. 🙂

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