What Really Matters

This world is insatiable in its desire to have every ounce of us. And, sometimes, we give in to it.  We don’t
even realize how much we have lost until, looking in the mirror one morning, we no longer recognize ourselves.

Our to-do lists have taken over our lives.  Every task seems important. They all matter.  This inability to prioritize leads to a lot of stress and anxiety in our lives.

This problem is nothing new.

Paul wrote a letter to the Philippians to encourage them in their faith. He refers to them as partners in the gospel. He loved them dearly and wanted them to continue and grow in their love of Christ. Specifically, he wanted them to grow in knowledge and discernment.


Paul knew the importance of priorities.  The Philippians would need knowledge of God’s Word and a holy discernment to determine what really matters (Philippians 1:9-10 HCSB.)  

Our to-do lists should read like this…

  1. Grow in Knowledge (Spend Time in the Word) 
  2. Gain Discernment (Spend Time in Prayer)
  3. Determine What Really Matters

Then, when the world comes calling, we can prioritize more effectively.

One thought on “What Really Matters

  1. Oh and it does come a callin’!
    When I am feeling stressed, impatient, frustrated, and so on it’s guaranteed I am not following this list.

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