Show Me the Simple

I want the simple life.

But the world we live in is not conducive to simple.

It’s a jungle out there.

It’s a rat race.

It’s a dog-eat-dog world; and I’m wearing Milk-Bone underwear.  (Can you place this quote?)

In the midst of the crazy, I would love a little simple.

I don’t mean perfect or problem-free.  Sure, those things would be nice.  But I know that we live in a broken world where perfection is just not an option.

I think, if everyone were honest, most people crave a little simplicity.  We get all caught up in our modern, multi-tasking, I’ll-do-you-one-better world.  We are overwhelmed by traffic jams, to-do lists and laundry piles. And, sadly, I think folks are afraid or embarrassed to admit that they want a little less out of life.  Not less meaning, mind you, but certainly less stuff.

In fact, I would dare say, that less busyness and less striving will result in a more meaningful existence.

But we encourage you, brothers…to seek to lead a quiet life… – 1 Thessalonians 4:11

I love that, among all of the instructions Paul gave, he included this one.

Seek…  The simple life does not just happen.  Paul said that it was something that people would have to be intentional about.  If you do not seek the quiet life, do not be surprised when you are swept away by the waves of other people’s expectations or definitions of success and happiness.

a quiet life.  Move beyond the point in life when you feel the need to fill every moment with…stuff. Multitasking can be great.  There are a multitude of articles outlining ten different ways to make your morning commute serve a better purpose.  But, what if…go with me here…you just drove your car?  What if you rolled the windows down, let the wind mess up your hair, and just drove your car?  Crazy, I know.

What if you didn’t read your Bible looking for a blog topic, planning a sermon outline or studying a Sunday school lesson?  What if you just read your Bible?

What if you didn’t spend your entire prayer time talking?  What if you set aside your laundry list of requests and questions and just listened?  Maybe, just maybe, you would hear Him speak.

Success is great.

Busy is not always bad.

Multitasking can be very beneficial.

But, I think I will go with Paul on this one.

Show me the simple.

3 thoughts on “Show Me the Simple

    • For me, it has been an internal thing. I don’t mean this to be the “churchy” answer, but I have just been trying to quiet my heart. So many times in Scripture, He says to “be still.” Like you, I am a working mom and I also am in grad school and have church responsibilities and my mind is constantly going. So, I can’t ignore my responsibilities, but I can take the time to be still. I can let go of my insane need to please people. I can stop reading certain blogs and comparing myself to them. I can stop rushing all of the time and stop and look my children in the eye when they’re talking to me. I can turn off the t.v. once in a while and just listen to the sounds of my children playing. I can journal my thoughts – get them out of my head and onto paper.

      For me, the “quiet life” that Paul talks about has to start on the inside. Hope that makes sense. And I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

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