I Am Royalty

I wonder how many women watched the royal wedding with just the slightest ache in their heart.  Don’t we all imagine ourselves as Cinderella and don’t we long for the pumpkin to turn into a carriage?  We find ourselves at the kitchen sink, elbow deep in dirty dishwater, and wonder when our prince will come.

Twitter and Facebook were on overload with people describing every minute of the very drawn out ceremony. Though I did not watch the wedding, I am a sucker for romance and I’m sure it was the wedding of every girl’s dreams.

One statement, however, caught my attention. So much so, that I am still pondering it several days later.

Today a commoner becomes royalty…the story of every Christ follower.

Isn’t that the scandal of Christ’s love? That He would leave glory, come to earth, and bear the cross with all of its shame all for love – how is that for a love story.  That is the ultimate story of a commoner becoming royalty.

Christ, God Himself and King of kings, who comes to the defense of a woman caught in the very act of adultery. Then, not only showing compassion, but allowing her to see in herself a woman who could live differently.

Another woman, bleeding for twelve years and deemed unclean, was desperate to touch just the hem of His robe.  She believed Him for healing, but never expected to be noticed.  She was already healed, but He would not let her slip back into the crowd.  Why?  He wanted her to know that He saw her.  She was not invisible to Him.

Then Mary, with her alabaster jar, pouring all she had upon the feet of Jesus.  Some criticized her behavior and tried to shame her.  Christ, however, said leave her alone.  He made it clear that he took pleasure in her unashamed love for Him.

That’s what the love of God does.  It looks beyond the shame of past mistakes.  It sees through the brokenness that makes others turn away.  It allows unashamed adoration.

Look in the mirror.  I don’t know what you see, but He sees royalty.

4 thoughts on “I Am Royalty

  1. beautiful. love the mirror comment – thanks for uplifting my day. i try to visit everyday, you always have good nuggets for my soul. thanks again!

  2. Lovely sentiment. All too often people forget that they are everything that Christ is, then and now. We are all made in his image and to believe any less than that about ourselves denies his love and sacrifice.

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