And he believed the Lord…

I find myself in Genesis 15 and unable to move on. This is why reading “plans” do not work for me. Sometimes, I need to simply read, ponder, and re-read a passage.

The Lord comes to Abram in a vision and says…

Fear not, Abram, I am your shield; your reward shall be very great. – Genesis 15:1

The Lord tells Abram three things:

  1. Do not be afraid.
  2. I will be your defender and protector.
  3. Your reward shall be very great.

I find this little exchange fascinating.

Do not be afraid? Check.  You will defend and protect me? Got it.

My reward shall be very great? Let’s just talk about that one, shall we?

Lord God, what can You give me , since I am childless… – Genesis 15:2

Look, You have given me no offspring… – Genesis 15:3

I get the impression they have discussed this “no offspring” thing before.  I imagine Abram had brought it before the Lord many times over the years.  And now, with this promise of great reward, Abram basically asks…What could You possibly give me that will make up for what You have not given me?

So, God leads Abram outside and shows him the stars.  I always imagined that this was intended simply to give Abram a visual of what his offspring would look like. But, this time through, I got the impression that the Creator was showing Abram His creation and saying, See this?  I did that.  I placed each star in its place and I am telling you that your reward shall be very great.

And he believed the Lord…Genesis 15:6

Now, I don’t think that Abram believed that the Lord would create life in Sarai’s barren womb creating a family line that would, eventually, bring the Messiah into the world.  I don’t think he could have possibly comprehended all of that.

But he believed the Lord.  He believed that the Lord would bless him, though he didn’t know what that would look like.  He believed the Lord was good, though he didn’t understand his circumstances.

He believed what the Lord said more than what his eyes saw.

I want that kind of belief.

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