Word of God, Speak

It’s not a read the Bible in a year plan.  It’s not a read the Bible chronologically plan.  It’s a commitment on my part to savor every word that God breathed.  It’s a chance to sit and delight in Him.  And it may take two years or it may take nine months.

I’ve done it before…read the Bible from cover to cover.  But that is what is so exciting about the Word of God.  You can never take it all in…the more you seek, the more He reveals.  I can’t wait to see what He says to me in 2011.

3 thoughts on “Word of God, Speak

  1. I love it! I am seeing a “revolt” of sorts when it comes to the matter of reading through the Bible. Honestly, putting that on a schedule (ie. one calendar year) isn’t “running the race with endurance”. It’s taking the journey and turning it into a sprint, when our true destination can never be reached this side of heaven. So why not take our time to do as you said – savor His word – no matter the time it takes? For me, the daily reading plan is my motivation – but it’s not my Master.

    • I’m so with you! We should not read as quickly as possible just to say we did it. Run with endurance…that is so true!

      Have a great Monday!

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