Will it still be Christmas?

I was very annoyed.  The pre-lit Christmas tree would not light and not even the jolly music I had playing was making me feel very jolly.  My arms were scratched from digging through the branches to plug and unplug the plethora of outlets trying to find the magical combination that would light all of the branches.

And I was annoyed.

Then Ella asks me…Will it still be Christmas if we don’t have a tree?

It stopped me in my tracks.  Yes, of course it will still be Christmas.  Christmas is all about Christ…it’s not about trees and decorations.

Then I text my dad who comes right over to help with the lights.  I watch him with my girls and my heart is all full.

I grab my phone and snap a blurry picture because I know that I am not going to want to forget this.  This reminder of all that I have been given.

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