Unchanging God

I am not a fan of change.

I drive the same way to work every day.  I order the same thing at restaurants.  I always park in the same spot.  And I drink the same grande dark cherry mocha every time I’m in the mood to pay $5.00 for a cup of coffee.  I am a creature of habit…and I like it that way.

Life, however, is all about change: children grow, relationships end, people move and jobs are lost.  Change is everywhere and it can be scary.

In the face of change, God declares…I change not.

How amazing is that?

God declared His love for me when He hung His Son on a cruel cross. That means, no matter what circumstances I find myself in, I don’t have to question His love.

Because my God changes not.

In the book Experiencing God, Henry Blackaby talks about his sixteen year old daughter being diagnosed with cancer.  He said that he had determined long ago never to question God’s love.  God proved His love on the cross, says Blackaby, and that will never change.

How awesome it is to lovingly serve an unchanging God.

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