Hunger is dangerous…

Thanks to Courtney I’ve been thinking a lot lately about loving my husband and loving him well.  Maybe that is why this verse struck me the way that it did.

I am making my way through the book of Proverbs…reading a chapter each morning…early in the morning. 🙂  Earlier this week, I read this verse.

One who is full loathes honey, but to one who is hungry everything bitter is sweet. – Proverbs 27:7

It reminded me of Gary Chapman’s book, The Five Love Languages.  In it he talks about speaking your spouse’s love language and making sure you are keeping their “love tank” full.

In light of that, this verse in Proverbs really spoke to me.  We need to keep our husbands full…of encouragement, respect and love.  If we send them out into the world full…then even if someone as sweet as honey approached them – they will not even be remotely tempted.  In fact, the Bible says they will loathe even the idea of it.

However, if we send our men out there hungry.  Look out!  Because even the most bitter opportunities will seem sweet.

This is also true in our spiritual lives.  We need to fill ourselves with the Word of God and with godly things.  Then we will not be enticed by the deceptively sweet things of this world.  If we deprive ourselves of time with the Lord and godly influences – we will be easily tricked into accepting the bitterness the world has to offer.

So, start your day well fed!

2 thoughts on “Hunger is dangerous…

  1. I do believe I found your lovely blog through The Gypsy Mama. Your posts are always such a great encouragement to me!

    I love, love, love this message! It’s so true..and it goes both ways. I thought Gary Chapman’s book was spot on. Much of what I read really stuck with me, which is a rarity!

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