My Ella

As we snuggled in her bed…I just felt happy.

I wanted to, as Emily says…Take pictures with my mind so I don’t forget. Seriously, how deep is that for a six year old?

So, we snuggled. Nose to nose. Well past Ella’s bedtime.

Ella:  I like your skin. (as she rubbed my cheek)

Me: Thank you.

Ella: I loves you.

Me: I loves you, too.

Ella: Catch your kiss.  (as she blows a kiss) Don’t forget to put it in your heart.

We talked for quite awhile.  We talked about God and how He loved her and how He made her and how she is so precious to Him.  I know she’s only 3, but I want her to grow up and never remember a time when she didn’t know that God loved her.

Eventually, I crawl out of her bed and tell her goodnight.  I tell her what I tell each of my girls…I’m so glad that I’m your mommy.

About ten minutes later, Ella comes tiptoeing into my bedroom.   I forgot to tell you a question.  I’m so glad I’m your Ella.

God is so good.

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