Daily Devotions with Daughters

This is my first attempt at a video…be kind.  I’m having a bad hair day.

And, yes, I have candy in my mouth.  I don’t know what I was thinking.


Visit MODsquad for other ideas on having daily devotions with your children.

6 thoughts on “Daily Devotions with Daughters

  1. this is the sweetest!! such a sweet and gentle voice you have! love your idea of doing devotion time in the bathtub … it’s a great thing when we know our daughters and understand what works best for them and when they’ll be most receptive to learning God’s heart.

    thanks for joining our community and opening your heart to share with us!


  2. Standing and clapping! So great for your first very cool vlog! And the bathtub devotions are genius! They can play in the water and you can have their attention. And it is a habit already set in their day. What a gift to give them even as they grow older to spend time with Jesus as they wash away the cares of the day!

    Recently someone shared with me that they put verses in plastic page protectors and hang them on the shower wall with suction cups. Which would also work for your tub time too!

    Thanks so much for sharing!


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