I just love her…

A couple of nights ago I sat in the living room floor with some old photo albums.  Emily was sitting next to me and commenting on each photo.

Is that me or Ella?

I was a cute baby.

I remember getting that Barbie for Christmas.

Then we got to a picture of me in my wedding gown.  Emily giggled as we talked about love and marriage and men that love Jesus.  Then…

Mommy, you were so…skinny.  You used to be skinny.

Then, she looks at me…squints her eyes…and says…But you’re still pretty. Okay, not really.  It was more like…But you’re the best Mommy ever. No, that wasn’t it either.

She looked at me…squinted her eyes…and said…When are you going to be skinny again?

Ah, sweet one.

Probably never.  But you are worth every extra pound, wrinkle and stretch mark.

3 thoughts on “I just love her…

  1. Good thing their sweet little faces are so cute. Do you remember the TV show “Kids say the darndest things?” I think our kids could’ve been on that show!
    What an adorable photo of an adorable girl! 🙂

  2. Boogers. Doesn’t it just stink when the reminders are everywhere? Yep, my kids are definitely worth my saggy breasts and my never-quite-the-same tummy . . . and someday maybe I’ll make peace with it. When I’m 90. (Grin).

    You have a beautiful girl — and are looking pretty snazzy yourself (I saw you further down the page). Thanks for visiting Sugar Tails in all my messiness. 🙂

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