Gray Skies

The skies are gray over Nashville today.

Normally, this would not be a big deal…except for the fact that, just a few days ago, the skies were also gray.

And this happened…

And this…

And this…

And now…people get very concerned when the gray skies appear.

I understand those feelings.  Once you’ve encountered devastation – if you aren’t careful – you begin to expect devastation.  You live looking over your shoulder as if something will go terribly wrong at any time.

Lately, I have felt God whispering healing to my tender heart.  He has been reminding me that He is the same in the gray skies as He is in the blue skies.

The same love.  The same goodness.  The same power.  The same God.

It is up to us to trust Him for who He is…it is up to us to decide…will we live by faith or fear?

5 thoughts on “Gray Skies

  1. Sometimes our attitude is what makes the difference when something unexpected occurs. We must remain faithful.

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