The storm comes.

As the first few raindrops fall, friends walk by your side and help hold the umbrella.

Then, as the storm rolls on and the lightening strikes, friends leave to seek their own shelter.

Family will do their best to run with you and dodge the mud puddles.  They too, however, at some point get tired of their shoes getting wet.

And, suddenly, it is just you in the midst of the raging storm.

Or…is it?

…I answered you in the secret place of thunder…                           – Psalm 81:7 ESV

Sometimes the storm seems to be never ending.  It lasts longer than the sympathy of friends…longer than the patience of loved ones.  Why?  Why does God seem to draw it out for so long?

Because there is something He wants to show you…in the eye of the storm. Something no one else would understand.  It’s only for you.  And, so, the storm rages until you are cold and alone and desperate…for Him.

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