For every great photo – There were ten that didn’t work

Every so often I get these ideas.  You know…the it seemed like a good idea at the time kind?

For instance…

  • Letting the girls use play doh…Yes, honey, it makes a mess.  But they just love it so.  I don’t mind cleaning play doh up for the next month…finding it in the carpet…and the bottom of our shoes…and stuck to kitchen utensils…
  • Baking cookies with the girls…This will be so much fun…Okay…wait…we’re not ready for that yet.  No, don’t eat that.  Did you just pick your nose?  No, we don’t need any pepper.  You have to go potty now?  No, we ice them after they bake.  Did we already put the sugar in?
  • Playing in the snow…Oh, it will be so much fun, Ella.  Okay.  Let’s put on your shoes…and coat…and hat…and gloves…and…what, you have to potty?  Okay.  Let’s take all of this off.  All done?  Good.  Back on with the coat…and hat…and gloves.  Alright.  Outside, we go.  Um…yes, dear.  It is cold.  I thought that would be pretty much understood…with the snow and all…

One of my favorite things to do…my good idea that always seems to turn bad…group photos.  Just take a look at our Christmas card attempts.

So, last night, I had a surge of motherly love and wanted a picture with all of my girls.

Okay…Come get your picture made with Mommy.  Yes, yes.  The excitement is overwhelming, I know.

Okay.  Emily, hold that pose…looking great.  Ella, if you could just remove your finger from your nose…

Oh, Ella.  Good job.  Hold that pose.  Um…Em…not sure what that look is, but it’s not making for a great photo.

And…that’s a wrap.

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