The Gifts of Motherhood

The gifts of motherhood are many.

For instance, honesty.  Children will tell you when you have gained weight…when you’re cooking isn’t great…and when you have bad breath.  My Ella will be the first one to say…I ‘mell somethin’.  You probably need to take a shower. Honesty is so refreshing…and insulting…all at the same time.

Motherhood brings memory loss.  Anyone who has more than one child does so because they have forgotten the weight gain, the pain of childbirth and the subsequent sleepless nights.

The gift of forgiveness… I admit I can hold a grudge like nobody’s business.  I can hold onto hurt for a long, long time.  Having children has really changed me in that respect.  When I am upset with Emily and she comes to me with her big blue eyes and says…Mommy, are you still mad at me?…I forget what I was even upset about to begin with.

This probably goes without saying, but motherhood brings a big ol’ load of humility.  When your child points out, in front of others, that you have a big pimple on your chin…or that your belly is bigger than it used to be…or when your two year old tells her Sunday School teacher that you are wearing pretty pink panties. I could not make this stuff up.  Then there was the time that I yelled at Emily and felt the need to apologize.  She accepted my apology so graciously.  However, several weeks later, she called me out…Mommy, remember when you yelled at me this morning?  Do you think that maybe you should apologize?

I don’t know if all kids are like mine, but one of the greatest gifts of motherhood is humor.  Not a day goes by that one of my girls does not make me absolutely crack up.  Today, for instance, when I was so upset with Ella for not listening and I let her know that she was not minding and I did not appreciate it…her response was…I know, but I’m so pretty. Well, yes…yes, you are.  Or when she says…Mommy, you’re my special mommy ever.  Now tell me how special I am. Or when Emily first saw the Christmas commercial where the gingerbread man is about to be eaten and exclaims…Come on, Man, it’s the holidays. She thought it was so hilarious and proceeded to say it all.the.time.  If anyone out there has ever laughed at something a child has said…you know what a mistake that can be.

The greatest gift of motherhood, however, is something I am only beginning to grasp.  God can use motherhood to, little-by-little, mold me into the image of His Son.  He uses it daily to teach me love, forgiveness and humility.  He reminds me daily that all things are His.

Motherhood is such a gift, but it is one that you have to hold loosely.  While you are called to care for, train up and love the precious children…ultimately, they are not yours to keep.  They are His.

Thank you, GypsyMama, for the wonderful post that reminded me of the gift that is motherhood.

One thought on “The Gifts of Motherhood

  1. Great post! There are so many things Libbie does that I have to try not to laugh at. But lately when she throws herself on the floor thinking she’s throwing a tantrum–and then just lays there and stares at me–it’s very hard to stifle a giggle. Can’t wait to see what she has to say!

    Libbie had that same outfit Sarah has on. Love it!! I am obsessed with pink and brown. 🙂

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