I blame Claire.

Why do we women think that we have to do it all?  What makes us think that we can do a thousand things and do them all well?

I blame Claire Huxtable.

That’s right…it’s all her fault.

Claire, the lawyer…and not just any ordinary lawyer…an extremely successful-partner in the law firm-wins every case kind of lawyer.

She knits.  She sews.  She grows her own vegetables (award winning squash, no less.)  She sings.  She dances.  She cooks. She bakes.  There is never a dirty dish in her sink nor so much as a pillow out of place in the living room.

She has five children, yet, there is never a toy in the floor or a pair of shoes left out in the open.

She is always in the mood to be romantic with her husband as they sit on the couch feeding each other fruit while jazz softly plays in the background.

Yes, I do believe I blame her.

10 thoughts on “I blame Claire.

  1. Yes, a hard role model to live up to…good thing that the only one we have to please is God! We do get into the trap of trying to please and impress other people, don’t we?
    Have a Merry Christmas!


  2. I am actually laughing outloud at this! You mean, I can’t really be perfect like Claire? 🙂 Although a wise woman once told me that women CAN do everything we want to do…. just not all at once. I try to hang onto that.


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