The True Meaning of Christmas…

Ella:  I see baby Jesus.  Baby Jesus is sad.

Me:  Why is that?

Ella:  He just wants him daddy.

Me:  Okay, girls.  Now turn around and look at me for a picture.

Emily:  I think we should hug each other.  I just love Ella so much.

Santa:  What is your favorite thing about Christmas?

Emily:  That it is Jesus’ birthday.  *Emily then proceeds to tell him the Christmas story.

Me:  What made you tell Santa all about Jesus?

Emily:  I just thought he should know.

5 thoughts on “The True Meaning of Christmas…

  1. these grandgirls are soooo cute/sweet, Ella’s words ‘light’ up my heart; the best Christmas present I could ever asked for is right here. You are such a wonderful Mother!! Again, the best I could ever ask for…

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